Game horror SOMA direct confrontation with Five nights at Freddy’s

You’re a gamer favorite horror game genre? Areas such as mental institution, caves and mysterious dungeons, stuffy enough as you are not scared, otherwise you are very excited to discover them? Perhaps the game’s SOMA appropriate name for you to explore, newly published titles released the same day a new trailer.

SOMA game players are often known by the nickname “Amnesia under the sea” because it is a product developed by the company frictional Games.

Love it or hate horror genre game then surely you’ve heard the name once Amnesia – Because it is very successful series was developed by frictional Games, a prelude to a series of products with This same style later. With its latest product called SOMA, which frictional games left ancient castles in Europe to come up with a different context is equally chilling: It’s mysterious oceans and dangers .

SOMA game’s story takes place in a research facility pathos-2 is located behind the bottom, you have the task of investigating the strange events happening here when everything seems to be out of touch. Of course, players will not only investigate, but that there must confront and escape with a strange creature. The task ahead is difficult but equally stimulating.

Was first published in October 2013, SOMA game quickly attracted attention thanks to the success of two previous versions of Amnesia. You play a nameless character wakes up in the research center under the sea called pathos-2 and of course, completely alone in the darkness full of horror. He quickly realized the abnormal phenomenon here, comes from the strange equipment.
SOMA gameplay remains very similar to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, you’ll discover, search rummage items but also careful, sound and listen to hedge a bloodthirsty creature in pathos-2. Screen play in SOMA will take place in many ways, the player will not be able to predict these events will take place in order to increase the attractiveness and the element of surprise, horror to this title.

Speaking of SOMA, said frictional Games themed game for the chaos neural illusion that people face when leaving the solitary for a long time as the main theme. In previously published trailer, viewers can see the main characters encounter many bizarre spectacle extreme as death or a move the human brain associated with machinery and offensive character. five nights at freddy’s 4

Experiencing 5 years of development, the final game and prepare SOMA launched survival horror genre fans, namely in the next 22/9 days. Besides this disclosure developer Friction Games also introduced a new gameplay clip of SOMA game that you can follow below.

Unknown Game SOMA can overcome or at least bring experience commensurate with the success of the man he Amnesia or not, even so through the first impression we can see it is the graphics property far the most beautiful of Fritional Games. This is definitely an advantage to attract more discerning gamers new to the game.
Be prepared to welcome this special name when it joined the village in September next game. Hopefully the game will be true of “blockbuster” as expected of grave tone.

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