Resident Evil is not regarded Five nights at Freddy's is a competitor

Game Resident Evil series is one of the most famous horror game in the history of contemporary gaming industry with extremely influential globally widespread. Until May 2009, this blockbuster horror games Capcom has sold over 40 million you-a figure not yet have any titles yet done.

Horror game Resident Evil first appeared on the PS1 and Sega Saturn console in 1996 and quickly gained success with the positive reviews and sales impression it gives. Do not miss this opportunity, Capcom has released the game 2 consecutive sequel Resident Evil 2 in 1998 and Resident Evil horror game 3: Nemesis in 1999 on PS1 system. Five Nights At Freddy's 4

To 2000, the fourth edition Resident Evil Code: Veronica was developed for Sega Dreamcast and PS2 and GameCube ports to systems with a new name Code: Veronica X.

Stage the years 2000-2002, Mr. Shinji Mikami – creator of the Resident Evil series decided to make this horror game series became exclusive game of GameCube systems with the launch of three consecutive versions exclusively for console Nintendo include the remake of the horror game Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil Zero and the prequel Resident Evil 4.

Game Resident Evil 5 – 7th version and the latest version was launched on next-gen consoles (Xbox360, PS3) and PC with action gameplay with fast movements and excellent graphics. With sales of 5 million copies worldwide until 09/2009, Resident Evil 5 became the best-selling version of the whole series.

In the book of Guinness World 2008, Resident Evil series holds up to 8 titles. However, as time goes on, the gaming community favorite Resident Evil increasingly worried about the prospect of the series will self sabotage yourself when it is tending to move from the horror genre to genre action shooter corner 3rd look simple.

Some other variants of horror title Resident Evil online game is Resident Evil Outbreak for PS2 (2003), the action-adventure game with combat systems sexism RPGs Resident Evil Gaiden GameBoy Color system for batch release on mobile platforms and is the most recent version of Resident Evil Portable for PSP.

With their contributions, it is safe to say that Resident Evil game has changed a great part of the game world face today. Things horror Resident Evil brings the gaming industry is very significant indeed.

Here are the main contributors:
– Fifteen years ago, when many were concerned that the concept is only playing a children’s game, the majority of the games are not yet confirmed his place in the minds of the players have matured.

Game Resident Evil was born and became one of the hottest console games at that time. It not only changes the notion that only a children’s game that besides contributing to the image of the zombie resurgence in the entertainment industry.

- In 2004, the game Resident Evil: Outbreak born. Although not appreciated as the previous version, but the system helps online gamers and play alongside teammates, friends together to overcome the challenges in the game has created a big buzz in the gaming .
– Also not too wrong to admit zombie is an icon in American culture. Zombie is seen as representing a scary things and horror. Horror game Resident Evil was born and helped regain its former image as a time subsided about the late 80s and mid-decade 90.
– Before this feature was taken to the pinnacle of success in the Metal Gear Solid games before including the first to lay the foundation for this idea, which is none other titles we are mentions: Resident Evil.

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