Slender: The Arrival- fear overwhelms both nights at Freddy's Five

Players can not attack or fight Slender Man that can only run, run as far as possible, to bring fear on the shoulder while playing this game.

Alone wandering in the night between wild forests, the atmosphere is always put on the shoulders heavy with fear of hideous creatures relentless pursuit behind. That’s the creepy feeling that Slender: The Eight Pages gave players last summer.

Core elements of a thriller located in th game triggers fear for gamers, and this time the game Slender: The Arrival succeeded. Characters in the game is the Slender Man. This is a mysterious creature has appeared in the culture and Western mythology for so long. It’s a huge picture in black suit, white shirt, red tie, elegant, oversized height, long arms like tentacles and face a lack of eyes, mouth.

Slender-The Arrival1

Not only looks strange, it also possesses the ability to invade the human mind, create the illusion, led them to the deserted woods where it murdered. Players can not attack or fight Slender Man, what the player can do is run, run as far as possible, take the fear out of the shoulder; thats what this creature becomes scarier than monsters mediocre lot. Five Nights At Freddy's Download

Slender: The Arrival has many changes compared with previous predecessors. The “innovation” is the first game in the form of free download is no longer as before. Second, we now have a storyline though not contain more depth: Lauren – the protagonist of the game when Kate visits her friend just lost her mother, Lauren’s car unfortunately encountered roadblocks forced her fallen trees walking distance to all the rest. When we arrived, there were no houses, no closed doors locked, indoor full of whimsical drawings. Suddenly a scream sounded creepy, determined to find out what was going on, Lauren go forward into the night, the nightmare begins here.

The Arrival of the game world is no longer confined to a dark forest that extended more greatly, from homes to the mines wild, sunlit hillside. Every place has different tasks to perform Lauren, as well as the difficult task of gamers.

Slender-The Arrival2

The legend of Slender Man inherently scary game The Arrival is reinforcing fears that greater. Tall silhouette without face always hovering around you, the screen becomes distorted when Lauren looked at him that he could hardly stand to play carefully watching this murderous ghosts. Furthermore there is the presence of a new enemy: a white shirt monster that later we learned it was Kate – her friend now has the Slender Man minions.

Improved graphics than The Eight Pages. If anything, the excellence that is for those effects are integrated properly: a great combination between light and shadow to create atmosphere of gloom, screen blurred the panic, lose sound direction … But new array is the focus of the game, the footsteps, the sound of rustling leaves on the ground feeling was followed but the views of the surrounding islands again found nothing, then Somewhere back any sleep caught hiding Slender Man standing far behind the trees are just staring you. All makes gamers rarely do get moments of comfort, not nervous anxiety throughout the journey.


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