Lost Sword Within- new rival worthy of Five Nights At Freddy's

Games Lost Within mobile game genre horror first-person view. But after birth, but the game is a strong impression name for those who participate. On the other hand, the game also impressed the audience with gameplay and beautiful graphics.

This game is set in an insane asylum abandoned so long ago. Here players will be faced with bizarre creatures always lurking and can cause unpredictable danger for you. More dangerous is the emergence of a legendary killer, thoắt hidden escape in the darkness. This is the most dangerous character and can always hurt you anytime. You have to fight with them to create a way out for himself.
You’ll have adventure in the building of a prey as weak, not a literal resistance. That’s when you have to be scared, really scared those dangers are lurking between the screen play and terrifying darkness inside you do not know definitely where. They may appear a surprising way and beat you in a heartbeat.

During play you can collect items and homemade weapons themselves. These are tools to help you survive in the wild, while optimistic. Lost Within minded gameplay elements covert action, but besides that there are still interesting for you to explore. From what was shown in the trailer, we can see that the game encourages players to hide and flee rather than face the enemy. Since the enemies are very dangerous and powerful with brilliant experience. if not courage, you would be very afraid to face them.

Have to say, compared to the horror title genre survival horror is famous as The Evil Within, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame or most recently Five Nights At Freddy's Download, Lost Within’ve done well his duties as brings to the player a very atmosphere of horror. Lost Within also made good his duties when bringing players a game both entertaining, just exploratory. But fear but will equally appeal to participate in the games.

A further factor to the success of this game that is part of graphics. To scare the players, the organization released the investment game design was sound and context for this game. Creepy noises accompanying music will make your boat floating if not used hair-raising. Besides, setting off games are carefully cared. The color of objects, space and shape objects are designed tinged with horror. All of which gives this game an unforgettable impression right from the first game. Unblocked Games 77
This is not a game for everyone, but only for those who are looking for a different experience, the mysterious legends can totally convinced by this game. Conversely, despite the horror elements of the game are not too many, but there are small details can haunt you with ease and make you scared.
You could stunt any time because the game is full of unexpected elements.
As a fan of horror games, quick update this game about to embark immediately. new things are waiting for you to discover.

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