Forgotten Memories horror game will usurpation Five nights at Freddy’s

To the horror game Forgotten Memories, gamers will experience the different emotions in the dark world filled with cold overcast.

Manufacturers are expected to adventure games – the most frightening horror year, Forgotten Memories are genuine Psychose Interactive mobile gaming launches in late March 4/2015. Beautiful graphics, realistic, and gameplay towards horror, Forgotten Memories get more interested, welcome.

Forgotten Memories brought back gamers play traditional survival horror from the ’90s, been very successful over the famous games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark. With almost any item separation was a flashlight just dropped off, and a few small weapons such as steel pipe or contain little gun rounds, players will have to control the space character overcast pass, how in darkness, looking for the key, useful objects to solve puzzles, opening the door step to the next challenge.

The first element that game Forgotten Memories attracted interest from major players is plot-colored to dark and suffocating gloom. The story in the game Forgotten Memories begins with the main character named Rose Hawkins. This is a strong girl, the courage and the investigator with the Massachusetts State Police unit. She is doing her duty search Eden mysteriously missing. Any doubts, traces geared she sought psychiatric hospitals Walker abandoned.

In a survey every track on, Rose was a stranger assault, she woke up and found myself in the hospital Walker sprawling ghost freak container-farming. According to the words echoing in the space of a mysterious character, Rose deeper into dilapidated buildings and beginning to sink in spooky darkness, exploring the mysteries and constantly seeking a way out for themselves .

The controls of the game Forgotten Memories quite easy to grasp and is optimized for mobile devices. Therefore, players only need to touch the screen to the left to move, while the right screen of the device will help the player controls the character’s gaze. The right side screen icons also allow characters to run or walk, use a flashlight or weapon against the monstrosity inside the room. That may be the effigy maneuvering-soup or scary ghosts lurking between the walls, they suddenly appear, to make players work not startled.

The advantage of Forgotten Memories game is to own a great 3D graphics. With the use of the Unity Engine, space dark, cold in the game is designed very detailed, the lighting effects, shadows are shown no less true reality. Additionally, imaging and motion stages of the characters are very vivid design. This makes the game scored points from the player community. five nights at freddy’s 4

Stringing harmony with the main image is recreated sound effects are very good atmosphere gloomy, scary game. Footsteps, screams, the sound of dripping water between the deserted space, or the spooky sounds make players more prone to shudder, and obsessions.

With tense gameplay, challenging and realistic graphics, full of gloom, Forgotten Memories very fit players love the creepy, spooky, and want to find yourself a horror adventure game quality amount.

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