"Opponents Five Nights At Freddy's" Fatal Frame is coming to television

According to the newspaper Cinema Today – Film magazine famous in Japan, horror title Fatal Frame will be firm Flim Toronta acquired content copyright filmed for television. Context used for this drama will be exploited in the company Toronta Flim a former dormitory for students, the site of a series of mysterious disappearances unexplained. The content of the film remained hidden ghosts oan be seen through strange camera. The film is still in the phase rotation and is scheduled to be aired Japanese television in mid-August this year.

Toronta studios also revealed, the name given to the horror drama is Fatal Frame: Hajon. The film will have two protagonists named Michi Kazato Nakajo and appeared in the movie storyline. Background dormitories are taken from a real haunted locations in Japan, and the crew and the cast will have to live here during the filming until completion of the film.

The story tells of a dormitory for students of a nearby school, it is filled with strange things and how the disappearance of the girl students living here. Aya Tsukimori the characters appear in the film with a strange psychic ability, determined to discover the whereabouts of the former owners of the apartments they live. Michi Kazato role Tsukimori classmates, as well as the curiosity that wants to help her new friend is exploring the mysteries of the incident. Known Ayami Nakajo and Aoi Morikawa – two actors involved in the Fatal Frame: Hajon are both models of Seventeen magazine. Five Nights At Freddy's Download

This is not the only game adapted from this game. Recently Zero thriller adapted from the role playing Fatal Frame cult, was launched in Japan in the month 3. Bluray movies not only consume a significant amount of disk but also received strong support fans. Not a few people have come to expect game Fatal Frame will have a new version adapted in the future.

Earlier Zero movie theaters also big in Japan, attracting great attention of young people. Because this project has the participation of couples Ayami Nakajo – Aoi Morikawa, two popular models of Seventeen magazine and director Mari Asato.

Content revolves around an ancient school of Japan, where happen the horrifying murder. The girls in turn missing school. Then they found their bodies in the state of being drowned. Many witnesses have recounted the girl went missing earlier heard the voice of Aya Tsukimori, a little girl said, bizarre behavior and not have many friends in class. So people fear, confusion and doubt Aya was the cause of death of the ill-fated girl on.

Fatal Frame is the name of a horror genre in the country of Japan, the plot revolves around a game heroine use the camera to take pictures of the ghost ball, it works in captivity and destroy the with each character having the devil. Usually set in the Fatal Frame versions are the dilapidated old house in Japan, making the whole horror genre, all brought a gloomy atmosphere characteristic. Fatal Frame storyline is actually adapted from a novel by Eiji Ohtsuka writer.

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