Dying Light surpassed Five nights at Freddy's become blockbuster 2015

Game Dying Light by the game developer Techland from Poland released. Although the community owns a large non-fans, but also hardy enough for the “gut” of her like Call of Juarez and Dead Island.

And so the game Dying Light was born as a result of the attempt to escape from Techland after the “mentoring” of Deep Silver. Dead Island can bring considerable revenue, but Techland said the game’s new Light Dying Dead Island game that they always longed to perform.

In Dying Light, players will play Kyle Crane – underground agents of humanitarian organizations Global Relief Effort (GRE), infiltrated the city Harran was ruined by a zombie epidemic covering all over this land. Five Nights At Freddy's 4

Crane’s mission of seeking to retrieve files containing secret formula is likely to be the antidote to the disease of Rais and right hand trying not to reveal his identity.

Dying Light Combat in the game is not too much different from Dead Island. Still the challenge “rampaged through” the spirit of “high risk-high” is, above all, through the attack.
You can either pedal or hold their head and then pushed into the wooden pieces mounted spiked or barbed wire, and if you want to “blow says” more, the sheer skill may use “dropkick” – “fly” and let loose charges made We stayed a few meters away! However, in situations besieged, would “gamble scoot” strategy will be most preferred.

Dying Light parkour gameplay requires little time for players to get familiar with the environment and terrain, and when mature then no obstacle is insurmountable anymore. When upgrading skills of branch Agility parkour, the runs, climbing in the game becomes smoother and freedom than ever before.

Mechanism parkour though not new, but it is to apply a more could not fit in the game Dying Light. Visit the city of Harran on their feet a lot more fun than sitting in the car and visiting with the naked eye.

Crane owns 3 skills class as Survivor (survival), Agility (agility) and Power (fighting). Notably, all three branches are owned three separate columns exp.
The division has three branches skills help promote players participate in various activities, as well as exploit the parkour and combat skills in the game, no skill mutual grip.

The highlight of the game finally Dying Light is the number of ultra-rich content. In addition to the challenges like killing zombies in a certain time period or running from the area marked on the map without being detected, collaborative game modes also provide some interesting challenges as … race to drop point line or competition to see who “collect scrap” the most!

Dying Light game’s story does not really stand out, but the specification is quite good game relationship between Crane and the secondary characters throughout the game, so the story of each sub-task is also certain depth. However, it is only “superficial” only, in fact the majority of quests in the game are modeled Dying Light motif find and bring something to the person assigned, or to find the whereabouts of who’s that.

Game Dying Light is the change in “appearance” of Techland spectacular. Do not bring any new elements really stand out, but only a harmonious combination of mechanisms of different titles, but this much is enough for spectacular performances of Dying Light game, first name “spark” for season game “blockbuster” in 2015.

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