Dead Space blockbusters dominating Five nights at Freddy’s

When first seen in Dead Space 3 last June, apparently a small part of our game players could not hide doubts about the core values ​​of this series exists or not . The reason for this reaction is from the rear of the line nearest the game Dead Space official overtures to gaming, what we hear is just a “co-op”, while “horror” is what that fans really need.

But perhaps we will have to think again after seeing the last Games Dead Space 3 Trailer latest financial performances this year’s Gamescom period.

In this latest trailer, game Dead Space 3 takes the protagonist of the series – Issac Clarke to a ship was abandoned outside the orbit of Tau Volantis. In it, pass zero gravity environment, the black shadow lurking in every dark corner of a 200 year-old ruins were, players, accompanied Issac Clarke and duo John Carver to discover secrets and clues link this death ship with antiques “Marker” down there, on the ice planet Tau Volantis price.

Besides the trailer promises a gaming community many new enhancements. Besides moving style flexible with the ability to roll passersby, or hiding behind a barrier mechanism, this game Dead Space 3 also brings customizable weapons system. This system will allow players to search for and collect different weapons parts to improve and upgrade, in order to fight these creatures and bloodthirsty Necromorph increasingly aggressive in the game.
In addition, EA also brought good news for those who pre-ordered the limited edition of Dead Space Game 3. That’s part more rice with two “packages”, the “First Contact” and “Witness the Truth” , including armor, weapons are unique, innovative, not only significantly increased strength to the character but also reveals interesting information next to them.
In the pack, “First Contact”, players have access to an armor of the same name, was built specifically for SCAF (Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces – Armed Forces colonial sovereign). This armor is made and strengthened in order to withstand the space environment for extended periods.

Besides armor, players continue to “Negotiator”, a gold-plated weapons with high-end hardware. Negotiator barrel on the Tesla ray radiation has been overclocked, capable of blowing any sized creatures who form. Meanwhile, the barrel under a Linegun, developed with a sole purpose is detached body parts on goal.

Package “Witness the Truth” will include Witness armor was used by the excavation team of SCAF for the purpose of exploring the mysteries of Tau Volantis darkest, secrets have changed themselves and the planet forever and ever. A week later, they were discovered, and wrapped around the body with a monstrous gravity environment, and thinks he has “seen all the facts” under the darkness of this frozen planet. Five Nights At Freddy’s

Witness armor will accompany Evangelizer, a weapon has been improved from version AL-2 standard, which is used by infantry troops Tau Volantis colony. This weapon’s barrel on the advanced version AL-2g-rifle, with below the 2100 Emerson Shotgun tactical “Big Boy”. The survivors of the excavation team under the SCAF has named it as Evangelizer and hand-engraved onto it a sign never known before.

Dead Space 3 games will be available on the shelves PC, Xbox360 and PS3 on day of February 5, 2013 in North America, and February 8 th at the European market.


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